Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have greatly appreciated how easy my first chiropractor experience has been. Between booking appointments at the front to the care you get from Dr. Michael Sawa. He's been able to fix problems that I did not know were fixable when I thought I had to live with bad joints for the rest of my life!"

- R.H.

"Highly recommend, very personable and caring professional staff."

- L.K.

"Everyone has been awesome! I feel like I have a better understanding of my body."

- C.V.

"Very professional and thorough treatment."

- P.M.

"Lovely staff, knowledgeable and friendly!"

- K.K.

"Dr. Sawa is very professional and inciteful. He has helped me gain a better understanding of my spinal health and maintenance."

- M.C.

"Love to come and visit; everyone is friendly and wonderful to talk to. Dr. Michael is really good at explaining what he's going to do and gentle while doing his adjustments."

- P.K.

"Dr. Michael is very patient, clear and very open to making sure he works with you to improve your care and provide a positive experience."

- R.B.

"I have been fighting back problems for years, tried physio, spinal decompression, other therapy. Had to miss work and life for several occasions and I started seeing Michael and team end of December 2018 and today (August 2019) I am able to walk 12 km - go on a hydro-fly experience and live my life! NO PILLS! The Doctor is a genius and looked beyond just the spine, sent me for x-rays came up with a plan that actually worked. Thanks to Michael, I am able to move freely, go to my job, enjoy my kids and LIVE LIFE! If you have back issues or any pain go see him. He will help and improve your life so you will be happy! Strongly and highly recommended his expertise! Thanks Michael for everything!"

- B.A.



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